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The Chintamani Retreat Centre is located within the Valley of Cuautla, in Yautepec (in the Mexican state of Morelos), where 3.5 hectares (8.6 acres) of land have been designed to create a quiet spot dedicated to inner development, friendship, work and leisure. It is located 20 km east from the City of Cuernavaca, and 90 km south from Mexico City.

Chintamani is a retreat centre founded and ran by members of the Triratna Buddhist Order. Our centre may accommodate about 48 people (in bedrooms with 2 or 4 beds). It is walled all around to create a safe and sheltered location for spiritual practice.

Contact us if you want to rent our space to organize your retreat.

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About chintámani
About chintámani

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Spirit of a retreat

Getting together in a quiet, beautiful and secluded spot, away from our daily urban conditions, creates an atmosphere of concentration, discipline, work and positivity in which creativity and harmony may arise spontaneously. These conditions may be conducive and beneficial for different groups of people, gathering with a diversity of aims, from collective work and training activities, to personal development, spiritual growth and/or recreation and relaxation. In Chintamani we offer you a little corner of simplicity and warmth for you to carry out the activities that better suit your needs and objectives.

“A retreat centre is an environment dedicated to concentrating one’s energies and directing them towards the attainment of higher states of awareness and more positive and refined emotion”.

“It may take a little time to adjust to the absence of distraction to which you are accustomed in everyday life, but as you get used to it, your state of mind becomes much more concentrated, even blissful, just through simplifying your sensory impressions and cutting down on the activities through which your energy is usually frittered away”.

Sangharakshita (2003) Living with awareness.
Windhorse Publications

Tips to organize a retreat

  • Plan it ahead of time (some groups reserve their dates a year in advance)

  • Take into account the special needs of the people that may attend your retreat (adults, children, families, elderly people, etc.), as well as their numbers.

  • Establish the duration and the particular dates of your retreat. Consider the specific weather conditions of the time of the year when it will take place.

  • Clarify your aims

The most successful retreat generally has:

  • A retreat leader (i.e., a chairperson, minister or facilitator).

  • A support group, formed by people from the organizing community, congregation, or sangha, that help the leader by being in charge of particular activities/tasks.

  • A daily program, with the details of the activities to be carried out, along with their aims and times. We advise you to keep the program simple, and at the same time allow for some flexibility.

  • Advertisements of your retreat within your community or Sangha, at least 3 months in advance.